Community Health Worker Directory

Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) are dedicated to helping those in need.  Learn more about them and their stories:

What is a Community Health Worker?

A Community Health Worker (CHW) is patient advocate that helps individuals in need connect to community and medical services. A CHW acts as a bridge for the community to help connect patients to medical care and community resources that are offered by other organizations or community partners. Community Health Workers are an integral part of the health center to ensure patients are getting the care they need.

What does a Community Health Worker do?

A community health worker can help you access transportation and navigate you around the facility, as well as getting you connected to community agencies for additional assistance. In addition, a community health worker can refer you to the Show Me Healthy Women program, WIC, prenatal assistance and resources.



How do I connect with a Community Health Worker?

There are Community Health Workers assigned to the Downtown campus, the Cabot Westside campus, the North Oak campus, the Clay County campus, as well as on site in the Blue Springs School District*.  You can reach a CHW by calling 816-889-1930 or completing a self referral HERE.
*Blue Springs Campus CHWs are accessible to families with children in the Blue Springs School District Only

Community Health Workers

Community Health Worker

Rebecca Conway

View Bio Rebecca Conway

Community Health Worker

Wasiba Hamad

View Bio Wasiba Hamad

Community Health Worker

Kimberly Hernandez

View Bio Kimberly Hernandez

Community Health Worker

Stephanie Marrufo Gonazlez

View Bio Stephanie Marrufo Gonazlez

Community Health Worker

Juana Martinez

View Bio Juana Martinez

Lead Community Health Worker

Marlenis Martinez

View Bio Marlenis Martinez

Community Health Worker

Adrianna VanLue

View Bio Adrianna VanLue

Community Health Worker

Theresa Purk

View Bio Theresa Purk

Community Health Worker

Maria Rivera

View Bio Maria Rivera

Community Health Worker

Gloria Thomas

View Bio Gloria Thomas

Community Health Worker

Aubri Thompson

View Bio Aubri Thompson

Community Health Worker

Linda Thrower

View Bio Linda Thrower

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