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Pamela Bevan

Pamela Bevan, WHNP-C

View Bio Pamela Bevan, WHNP-C
Heather Colaizzi

Heather Colaizzi, MSN, APRN, FNP

View Bio Heather Colaizzi, MSN, APRN, FNP
Sangeeta Dalal

Sangeeta Dalal, MD

View Bio Sangeeta Dalal, MD
Daniel Gillen

Interim Chief Medical Officer, Director Of Clinical Operations

Daniel Gillen, FNP-C

View Bio Daniel Gillen, FNP-C
Tracy Gray

Tracy Gray, WHNP-BC

View Bio Tracy Gray, WHNP-BC
Robbie Harriford

Robbie Harriford, MD

View Bio Robbie Harriford, MD
Archana Kulkarni

Archana Kulkarni, MD

View Bio Archana Kulkarni, MD
Marisa Maher

Marisa Maher, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC

View Bio Marisa Maher, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC
Icon of green bird.

Elizabeth Neubauer, PA-C

View Bio Elizabeth Neubauer, PA-C
Gregg Nurrenbern

Gregg Nurrenbern, FNP

View Bio Gregg Nurrenbern, FNP
Cody Ryan

Cody Ryan, MD

View Bio Cody Ryan, MD
Niva Shakya

Niva Shakya, MD

View Bio Niva Shakya, MD
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Alvin R. Smith, DPM

View Bio Alvin R. Smith, DPM
Catricia Tilford

Catricia Tilford, MD, FAAP

View Bio Catricia Tilford, MD, FAAP
Ginger Vaughn-Pullin

Ginger Vaughn-Pullin, DNP, FNP-BC

View Bio Ginger Vaughn-Pullin, DNP, FNP-BC
Amy Walker

Amy Walker, FNP

View Bio Amy Walker, FNP


Mahdokht Farahani headshot,

Mahdokht Farahani, DDS

View Bio Mahdokht Farahani, DDS
Miranda Jimenez

Miranda Jimenez, DDS

View Bio Miranda Jimenez, DDS
Michelle Perez

Michelle Perez, DMD

View Bio Michelle Perez, DMD
Melissa Rahmeier

Melissa Rahmeier, DDS

View Bio Melissa Rahmeier, DDS
Amanda Whiting headshot.

Amanda Whiting, DDS

View Bio Amanda Whiting, DDS

Behavioral Health


Gavett’ Burch, LMFT

View Bio Gavett’ Burch, LMFT
Sara Cole headshot.

Clinical Psychologist

Sara Cole, Psy D, HSP

View Bio Sara Cole, Psy D, HSP

Clinical Psychologist

Miranda Denison, PHD

View Bio Miranda Denison, PHD

Behavioral Health Consultant

Melanie Farris, LCSW

View Bio Melanie Farris, LCSW
Ada Jarrar headshot.


Ada Jarrar, LCSW

View Bio Ada Jarrar, LCSW
Shannon Johnston headshot.


Shannon Johnston, LCSW, MSW

View Bio Shannon Johnston, LCSW, MSW

Behavioral Health Consultant

Shelby Lines

View Bio Shelby Lines

Clinical Psychologist

Frederick L. Peterson, Psy.D

View Bio Frederick L. Peterson, Psy.D

Intake Coordinator

Kia Price

View Bio Kia Price
Carlos Ramon-Ortiz headshot.

Behavioral Health Consultant/Therapist

Carlos Ramon-Ortiz, LPC

View Bio Carlos Ramon-Ortiz, LPC
Carolina Uribe headshot.


Carolina E. Uribe, LCSW & MSW

View Bio Carolina E. Uribe, LCSW & MSW


Jeffrey Utter, MD

View Bio Jeffrey Utter, MD

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