Other Services


Our pharmacy team members collaborate with our providers to dispense safe and effective medications at affordable prices. We serve all Sam Rodgers patients including the uninsured and accept most major insurance plans as well as clinic discounts. We are equipped with experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff who are eager to serve our patients.

Language access

Our pharmacy has the ability to print medication labels in English and Spanish as well as print out drug information in multiple languages using our pharmacy software.

Rx Reminders

We have the ability to text patients when their prescriptions are ready and provide call reminders to pick up medications. 

Patient assistance and discount programs

We partner with several patient assistance programs and help patients fill out applications to obtain medications at discounted prices or free of charge depending on the program.

For more information or to request refills of medications prescribed by Sam Rodgers providers, please call 816-889-4762.

Our pharmacy is located at our downtown campus and is open during clinic hours: 

825 Euclid Ave., Kansas City, MO 64124


We provide transportation to and from all service locations. Contact us here.

How we’re different

Our priority is the health of you and your family. You are safe in our hands and your information is confidential.

We respect diverse values, beliefs, and feelings, and can provide care in multiple languages. Our staff, nurses, and doctors share the same diverse backgrounds as our patients and understand your life experience.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. If you don’t have insurance, we can help you apply or we will determine a cost based on your income and family size. We will never deny health care if a patient is unable to pay.

Patient Testimonials

“What I love about Samuel U Rodgers pharmacy is that the pharmacists treat you like family. They take their time and get to know you and your family. They care about your health and needs. They are the best.”

“Been using the pharmacy for years, always have a great experience with the pharmacists. They are so friendly and always willing to help with questions or other needs related to prescriptions. When I needed a medication that was so expensive without insurance, they helped me get into a program that provided it at no cost to me.”

“What I love about Samuel U Rodgers pharmacy is that the pharmacists treat you like family. They take their time and get to know you and your family. They care about your health and needs. They are the best.”

“I have to say my personal experience has always been great, the staff has always been nice and explained everything. They are always willing to help.”