Women’s Health

We have a strong tradition of specialized care for women, coming alongside you on your health journey, Dr. Sam Rodgers was a board certified OBGYN himself and put great value into women’s services. Our Women’s Health team provides the health care women need to thrive. 

Our Women’s Health Services:

  • Well-woman exams and wellness counseling
  • Pap tests and additional follow-up
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Family planning, including birth control counseling
  • Prenatal care
  • Minor gynecologic procedures
  • Infertility counseling
  • Mammograms- in partnership with our onsite Imaging team
  • Ultrasounds/sonograms- in partnership with our onsite Imaging team

Well-woman exams

Our team is committed to your total health and well-being. Routine well-woman exams allow us to help in preventing cancers and other gynecological conditions. Early detection truly saves lives! It is recommended that women begin routine well-woman exams starting at 21 years of age.


Telehealth visits are a great option to meet with a Sam Rodgers provider from the comfort of your own home. However, not all medical needs can be addressed during a telehealth visit. We use a technology called Doxy.Me for our telehealth visits. 

Pre- and Post-natal Care

At every stage of pregnancy, we can help you prepare for the birth of your baby. It’s never too late to start prenatal care. Our doctors are here to help.

Pre-Natal Care

Early and regular check-ups can promote a healthy birth. Here’s what to expect:

  • 1st 6 months: You will have a check-up every 4 weeks to weigh you, take your blood pressure, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and measure the growth of your baby.
  • 8-12 weeks: At your first visit, you can expect an exam, lab work, a urine test, and a PAP test, if needed. You may be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat and find out your due date.
  • 15-20 weeks: You will be offered a test that checks the spinal cord and genetic concerns. An ultrasound will be ordered to view the baby’s organs, measure growth, and get your baby’s first photo.
  • 28 weeks: A glucose test to screen for diabetes will be ordered, along with lab work to check for infections or other conditions.
  • 28-36 weeks: You will have a check-up every 2-3 weeks to record the growth of the baby, listen to the heartbeat, and check the position of the baby.
  • 36-40 weeks: We will continue to monitor the pregnancy with weekly visits.


We work closely with area hospitals and help you choose where to deliver the baby. We can support you in preparing a plan and making sure you have everything you need for bringing the baby home – such as a car seat, a crib, and diapers.

Post-Natal Care

After the delivery of your baby, we can continue to support you with:

  • A physical exam for you
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Information on safe sleeping
  • Support for postpartum depression
  • Birth control
  • Access to free diapers and healthy food

Learn more about accessing our other services for your family:

Need a ride?

We provide transportation to and from all service locations. Contact us here.

How we’re different

Our priority is the health of you and your family. You are safe in our hands and your information is confidential.

We respect diverse values, beliefs, and feelings, and can provide care in multiple languages. Our staff, nurses, and doctors share the same diverse backgrounds as our patients and understand your life experience.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. If you don’t have insurance, we can help you apply or we will determine a cost based on your income and family size. We will never deny health care if a patient is unable to pay.

Interpretive services are available at Sam Rodgers, so you get the compassionate care you need. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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Women's Health Testimonials

"I personally love the way Women’s Health handles everything. They are nice and caring people also."

"In my opinion, there is nothing you can improve. I love the attention they give. Excellent attention. Thank you. Blessings :)"

"Steph & Mrs. Pam were really friendly and polite; very happy I am a patient here. Thank you."