Carlos Ramon-Ortiz, LPC

Behavioral Health Consultant/Therapist

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Cabot West Side Campus

Carlos Ramon-Ortiz headshot.

Carlos Ramon-Ortiz is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Ordained Minister. He has 20 years of experience and has been with Sam Rodgers for a little under a year. He is a humanitarian in his life philosophy. 

Types of Visits

He helps those patients with chronic illnesses who are having difficulty coping with their condition, as well as those who might be experiencing emotional struggles and are in need of support. He specializes in: 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, eye movement & desensitization & reprocessing therapy, and trauma & play therapy

Locations and Availability 

Cabot Westside, Monday-Thursday


English, Spanish

Why He Loves Working at Sam Rodgers 

“I arrived in Kansas City 25 years ago. My financial situation at that time was not good, to say the least. Whenever my family experienced health problems, Sam Rodgers was the place to go. We knew here we would be helped and they would treat us with dignity and respect. It’s a privilege for me, now, to be part of the staff.”

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