Carolina E. Uribe, LCSW & MSW


Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Euclid Campus: Behavioral Health

Carolina Uribe headshot.

Carolina Uribe, LCSW & MSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Masters in Social Work) works out of Sam Rodgers’ Behavioral Health Clinic. She has over 30 years of experience working in social services.  Due to her background and extensive expertise in psychology as a mental health professional, she has made it her life’s work to understand the troubles people face and to help them.  In addition to her extensive experience

Types of Visits

Carolina Uribe sees patients for: 

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, parenting, women-specific issues (i.e. postpartum depression), cultural issues (immigration trauma, acculturation), relationship issues, grief and loss counseling, adults and adolescents who deal with self-harm, bilingual clients, familial systems and LGBTQ community services. 

Locations and Availability 

She serves full-time at the Downtown Behavioral Health location. 


English and Spanish

Why She Loves Being a Provider 

This type of work is all about drawing out an individual’s potential at its maximum and articulating ways that can make the environment immensely serene and full of harmony.”

“As a social worker my purpose is to serve anyone that needs support through difficult experiences in life. I have been successful because I have learned to address client’s needs first as they embrace their journey as new immigrants. I know what it is like to be in a totally new and unfamiliar culture. I am very understanding and compassionate with immigrant and marginalized community; I can help bridge the cultural gap. My purpose as a social worker is to help people identify their strengths and believe in themselves to reach their full potential.”

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