Faisal Khan, MBBS, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

Faisal Khan headshot.

Chief Executive Officer

Faisal Khan, MBBS, MPH is the Chief Executive Officer of Sam Rodgers. He oversees the Executive Administration within our network of care. He has held this title at Sam Rodgers since 2018. 

Faisal is a Public Health Physician and Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with 25 years of experience in the design, management, and evaluation of public health programs and the delivery of high-quality primary care services to underserved communities. He previously served as St. Louis County’s Director of Communicable Disease Control Services. He brings a wealth of knowledge from public health areas. 

Why Sam Rodgers?

“The very ethos of Sam Rodgers is selfless service. I chose Public Health as a career inspired in large part by the life and work of Dr. David Satcher (former Surgeon general). He chose medicine as a career inspired by the life and work of Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers. As it turns out both men were born in Aniston, Alabama. I now work to add to the legacy of the great Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers. That realization is the greatest thrill I experience every single day as I walk through into our offices.”

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