Miranda Jimenez, DDS

Miranda Jimenez

Miranda Jimenez, DDS has been with Sam Rodgers for 3 years. 

Locations and Availability

Cabot Westside Dental, Monday-Friday


English and Spanish

Types of Visits

She sees patients for nearly every dental procedure, such as:

Cleanings, x-rays, oral surgery, fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures, partial dentures, and limited root canals. 

She works with patients who don’t traditionally come with dental history, so she works to correct any issues and makes sure that her patients feel comfortable in improving their oral health. 

Why She Loves Being a Provider

“I have always envisioned myself working in a public health center that serves the uninsured and underinsured. Sam Rodgers’ mission to provide quality, culturally-competent healthcare to all aligns perfectly with my own personal and professional goals.”

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