Toni S. Zink, MD & CMO

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Toni Zink is the Chief Medical Officer and expert of Family and International Medicine at Samuel U. Rodgers. She oversees the Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Adult & Senior Services, and Behavioral Health wings of our facilities. She enjoys encouraging, helping, and cheering our staff on to reach their full potential. She loves being able to welcome new refugee families and educating all patients on their health, preventative services, and partnering with them to improve their outcomes. Dr. Zink loves being able to celebrate with them when they achieve their health goals and lending them spiritual and emotional support when necessary. 

Why She Loves Being a Provider 

“Knowing my life and the choices I make with the time I’ve been given are not about me and self-pleasure inspires what I do at Sam Rodgers. My life is an opportunity to pour into, inspire, uplift, embrace, challenge, and sacrifice for all those I come into contact with.”

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