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Our Founder’s Story

For over fifty years, we have believed in the strength of family. Our story begins with our founder, Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers, MD, MPH. In 1968, Dr. Rodgers opened the first federally-recognized community health center in Missouri—only the fourth center of its kind in the United States at the time.

Dr. Rodgers believed families deserve access to everything they need to thrive. That’s why he chose to open his health center at the Wayne Miner Housing Project, so families received the care they needed right in the heart of their community. Family was the focus of Dr. Rodgers’ vision, and it’s family that’s at the heart of the healing work we do today.

In 1988, the Wayne Miner Health Center was renamed in honor of our founder and Executive Director, becoming the Samuel U. Rodgers Community Health Center. In 1996, Dr. Rodgers became the Executive Director Emeritus. Both we at Rodgers Health and the entire Kansas City community felt the weight of his passing in 1999. Dr. Rodgers dedicated his life to providing quality, compassionate, and affordable health care to Kansas City. 

His passion lives on today through the healthy families who are at the heart of everything we do.

dr samuel rodgers


Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate, and affordable healthcare for all. Our health services encompass several areas of expertise and we also provide programs that are designed to help you get the care you need.

We want healthy people in a healthy community. Without vision, we will not have an ideal for which to strive; nor will we be successful. We need to be advanced thinkers; proactive to needs and opportunities and receptive to new ideas when they help us successfully accomplish our mission.


Core values are the most important and deepest beliefs held to be true by the team members of the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center. They form the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves every day.

  • Kindness – We are friendly, courteous, polite, respectful, and considerate in our conduct. 
  • Integrity – We are trustworthy, honest, and just in everything we say and do. 
  • Professionalism – We are committed to our mission and we take responsibility for our actions and their results. 
  • Excellence – We are an exceptional organization committed to exceeding expectations.

Leadership & Board

Bob Theis headshot.

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Theis, CPA, BA, MA

View Bio Bob Theis, CPA, BA, MA
Janelle Harvey Jordan headshot.

Chief Operating Officer

Janelle Harvey Jordan, SPHR

View Bio Janelle Harvey Jordan, SPHR
Christopher Walker headshot.

Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Walker, CPA/CITP, CGMA, MBA

View Bio Christopher Walker, CPA/CITP, CGMA, MBA
Robbie Harriford

Chief Medical Officer

Robbie Harriford, MD

View Bio Robbie Harriford, MD
Amanda Whiting headshot.

Chief Dental Officer

Amanda Whiting, DDS

View Bio Amanda Whiting, DDS

Board of Directors Officers


Elizabeth Bordenave

View Bio Elizabeth Bordenave


Carmen Parker-Bradshaw BS, MPA

View Bio Carmen Parker-Bradshaw BS, MPA


Arif Ahmed, Ph.D.

View Bio Arif Ahmed, Ph.D.


Betty Nwabuonwu, PMP, PSM

View Bio Betty Nwabuonwu, PMP, PSM

Healthcare Representative

Bruce Williams, DO, FACOFP

View Bio Bruce Williams, DO, FACOFP

Immediate Past Chair

Rhonda Holman, BA, MBA, MPA

View Bio Rhonda Holman, BA, MBA, MPA

Board of Directors Members

Gabriela Flores BAAN, MSM

View Bio Gabriela Flores BAAN, MSM

Susan Garrett MPH, BA

View Bio Susan Garrett MPH, BA

Michael McCunniff, DDS

View Bio Michael McCunniff, DDS

Patricia Hernandez

View Bio Patricia Hernandez

Rita Rodgers-Stanley, MD

View Bio Rita Rodgers-Stanley, MD


Mamie Hughes Rodgers

View Bio Mamie Hughes Rodgers

Board of Directors and Board Members

Board Officers

Rhonda Holman, BA, MBA, MPA

Elizabeth Bordenave


Victor Hammonds, MBA

Rita Rodgers-Stanley, MD

Mamie Hughes Rodgers

Cemal Umut Gungor
City Administrator
City of Grandview, MO

Board Members

Arif Ahmed, PhD

Elizabeth Bordenave

Gabriela Flores, BAAN, MSM

Susan Garrett, MPH, BA

Michael McCunniff, DDS

Betty Nwabuonwu, PMP, PSM

Carmen Parker-Bradshaw, BS, MPA



Our Facility

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